Once Upon a Time Selah 2024 Finalist

Once Upon a Time:

A Collection of Short Stories for Those Trying to Find Their Way Home

“Stories have always been about us, a mirror in which we can see ourselves—our hopes and dreams, but also our greatest dilemmas.” In Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Short Stories for Those Trying to Find Their Way Home, retired clinical psychologist Samuel L. Blumenthal, Ph.D. illustrates gospel truths on the themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, all of which come into clearer focus through the lens of God’s perfect love.

Sam Blumenthal came to faith in Christ in mid-life, after growing up in a Reform Jewish home in the South. His thirty years as a psychoanalytically-oriented psychologist gives him a unique perspective on the inner workings of the mind and heart. He says, “Since the dawn of man, stories have been pregnant with meaning, much of which has gone unnoticed. But if you are willing to slow down and listen more closely, stories will meet you in the very places you need them and guide you home where you will be healthy and whole.”

He presents stories to touch hearts and remind us of just how much God desires to be present in our lives. These stories offer us courage to look deeper within ourselves to learn why we think and feel as we do, why we struggle as we do, and what can truly help and redeem us.

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This life will never be perfect, or even close as we are all fallen -- but I have come to believe God can redeem and deliver us more fully from the things with which we struggle, more than we have ever imagined possible. And yet, we must be willing to learn what must be done to receive that deliverance. 

Just as I have fallen more in love with God over the last twenty-three years, I have also fallen in love with stories, stories of all kinds, no matter the author. I have found that God’s story, his four chapter gospel story (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration) manifests itself a great deal of the time in the words of all storytellers, no matter their religious beliefs or convictions. There is much more to be said here, but for now I hope you will join me in my journey by subscribing to my newsletter as we explore this truth together.

And as for my story, how I came to faith, and how God continues to teach me His truth, stay tuned. Once Upon A Time is just the beginning . . . 

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"Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it: prone to leave the God I love."

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