Once Upon a Time:

A Collection of Short Stories for Those Trying to Find Their Way Home

Stories have always been about us, a mirror in which we can see ourselves, our hopes, but especially our dilemmas. If you lean in and listen more closely, God will meet you there and help you find your way home.

Once Upon a Time by Samuel L. Blumenthal, Ph D.

More About the Book

A fellow traveler on this journey we call life and this path we call the Christian faith, wanting to speak to anyone who will listen about the incredible things that God (only because of His incredible grace) chose to reveal to me. Stories have always been a mirror in which we can see ourselves, if we only look more closely. We are all like the children of Israel in the wilderness, wanting and needing to establish ourselves in the promised land. Stories can help us to get there, and to flourish there. 

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