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I was raised as a Reform Jew and was a clinical psychologist for over thirty years, but then became a Christian at the age of forty-five in the midst of significant storms in my own life. Although I had come to know and love God, over time He showed me there were other “things” in this life I worshipped far too much, things I believed could fulfill me. I have wondered ever since if this is one of the reasons the Christian life for many can lose its vibrancy and become stale in a matter of years, when it started out as a grand adventure.  

This life will never be perfect, or even close as we are all fallen -- but I have come to believe God can redeem and deliver us more fully from the things with which we struggle, more than we have ever imagined possible. And yet, we must be willing to learn what must be done to receive that deliverance. 

Just as I have fallen more in love with God over the last twenty-three years, I have also fallen in love with stories, stories of all kinds, no matter the author. I have found that God’s story, his four chapter gospel story (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration) manifests itself a great deal of the time in the words of all storytellers, no matter their religious beliefs or convictions. There is much more to be said here, but for now I hope you will join me in my journey by subscribing to my newsletter as we explore this truth together.

And as for my story, how I came to faith, and how God continues to teach me His truth, stay tuned. Once Upon A Time is just the beginning . . . 

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Once Upon a Time Selah 2024 Winner

Once Upon a Time:

A Collection of Short Stories for Those Trying to Find Their Way Home

Stories have always been about us, a mirror in which we can see ourselves, our hopes, but especially our dilemmas. If you lean in and listen more closely, God will meet you there and help you find your way home.