Why do so many of us love stories?

I’ve never been one for summaries, but I believe it is time. Here are the questions we’ve asked so far:

Why do so many of us love stories?

Could we be looking for some kind of answer, something we very much need?

We also asked whether the subtitle for my book, Once Upon A Time, a collection of short stories for those trying to find their way home, could be true? Do stories engage us as powerfully as they do because we hope they will lead us home? Might this be what we need?

In exploring this further, we looked at the story of two brothers who each “left home” for a different reason. Continuing to live with their father, sharing everything that was his, including his unconditional love – was not enough for either son.

And then, I made the incredible statement that some people think this little story tells the real story of humanity better than any other story. Could one story do that? And this story in particular?

Now, you may believe analogies can be helpful, but they also can be taken too far. For example, children in this life are supposed to grow up and leave home, are they not? We hope! They are not meant to stay dependent on their parents. The two sons in our story may have been misguided, but that was their problem, not that they left home.

But think about this. What if . . .

although we start out as babies, grow to be children and then adolescents, and finally adults; and we move away from home, become self-sufficient, and then start the whole process over again, having our own children

. . . this is not the whole story?

What if, although we are supposed to grow up in most ways, in one way we were never meant to grow up?

Is it possible to live and dwell with your father, to share everything with him, but also be an adult? What if, spiritually, we were never meant to grow up, become self-sufficient, independent, the god of our own world?

But what if that is exactly what happened to each and every one of us? What if that is the true history of humanity?

Stay tuned.



Welcome, I'm Sam!

A fellow traveler on this journey we call life and this path we call the Christian faith, wanting to speak to anyone who will listen about the incredible things that God (only because of His incredible grace) chose to reveal to me. Stories have always been a mirror in which we can see ourselves, if we only look more closely. We are all like the children of Israel in the wilderness, wanting and needing to establish ourselves in the promised land. Stories can help us to get there, and to flourish there.

I can't wait to get to know you!


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