Why do so many of us love stories? Why are we so drawn to them?

Why do so many of us love stories? Why are we so drawn to them?

Do you remember how much you loved to be read to as a child? How much your own children loved this, or even your grandchildren?

Before modern times the best way to escape the routine and mediocrity of everyday life was to read novels, to be whisked away to another world, where almost anything might be possible. Today more of us escape to screens for stories, but often, with the very same intention.

Is this the main reason we love stories — to escape from the doldrums or even the difficulty of everyday life? Do we like them only because we need a tonic to soothe our souls?

Or could there be some greater reason? Could we be looking for something, some kind of answer, something we very much need?

The subtitle of Once Upon A Time is — “a collection of short stories for those trying to find their way home.”

Is that anything more than a cute tagline?

Are not we all, one way or the other — trying to find our way home? What might that even mean?

I hope you will join me in this newsletter as we explore the meaning and significance of stories together. Why stories are so important to us, why we are so taken with them, why we may even . . . need them.



Welcome, I'm Sam!

A fellow traveler on this journey we call life and this path we call the Christian faith, wanting to speak to anyone who will listen about the incredible things that God (only because of His incredible grace) chose to reveal to me. Stories have always been a mirror in which we can see ourselves, if we only look more closely. We are all like the children of Israel in the wilderness, wanting and needing to establish ourselves in the promised land. Stories can help us to get there, and to flourish there.

I can't wait to get to know you!


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